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Meet the Morgan Mental Health Care Team, We are focused on whole-person health. Our entire organization is focused on making a positive impact on your whole life.

With locations in both Meridian and Boise we are nearby and believe in providing exceptional health care for every member of your family, delivering quality health care close to home. 

If you or someone you know is looking for help, you’re in the right place. Our team of health experts can provide the compassionate support and treatment needed to promote health and wellness.  

Morgan Health Centers is staffed with experienced, licensed primary health care professionals including, naturopathic doctors, nurse practitioners and certified nursing assistants. We believe in providing exceptional health care for every member of your family, delivering quality health care close to home. Our team of licensed health care professionals will provide you with the highest level of care in the Treasure Valley. 

Morgan Mental Health » Primary, Mental & Integrative health care. Boise, Meridian & Treasure Valley.

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Morgan Mental Health

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Morgan Primary, Mental & Integrative Health Centers Building, located in Meridian, Idaho


Morgan Primary, Mental & Integrative Health Centers Building, located in Boise, Idaho

Mental Health Care​

We share the goal of helping you regain control of your life and want to help you reconnect with your family, friends and community. By taking an integrated approach to treating health and using the skills and experience of our professionals, we’re able to provide treatment for a broad range of health concerns, from primary health care to mental health care. 

Our Licensed Mental Health Care Professionals​

Getting help for mental, emotional, spiritual, or relationship issues can be difficult. Finding the right mental health professional can help you take control of any issue in your life. We work to provide unique, individualized care for every individual who comes to us by offering mental health services that may help you or your loved one manage mental health concerns, geriatric-related mental health needs or substance abuse problems.

Our mental health services include a full continuum of care for children, teens, adults and seniors to help heal both the mind and the body using flexible, patient-centered and culturally-sensitive treatment approaches to help ensure that your needs are met.

Are you working through specific life challenges?
Looking for a greater balance overall and asking important questions about who you are and how you want to be in the world?

Morgan Health Centers is staffed with experienced, licensed mental health professionals including, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, and nurse practitioners.

One of the most important elements of effective therapy is a safe and trusting relationship through the developing alliance between therapist and patient and through this bond, a new way of interacting with self and others will be born.

Mental health professionals represent several professions that specifically work with people dealing with cognitive, behavioral, and emotional issues. Some professionals work with individuals, families, groups, and communities to deal with mental health issues and improve mental well-being.
While other professionals identify  or diagnose mental health crises, disorders or illness and provide treatment. Most have at least a master’s degree or more-advanced education, training and credentials. Some mental health professionals can help someone better understand and cope with thoughts, feelings and behaviors. They can also offer guidance and help improve a person’s ability to achieve life goals. 

Certain Mental Health Professionals may

  • Work with individuals, groups and communities to improve mental health
  • Encourage clients to discuss emotions and experiences
  • Examine issues including substance abuse, aging, bullying, anger management, careers, depression, relationships, LGBTQ issues, self-image, stress and suicide
  • Work with families
  • Help clients define goals, plan action and gain insight
  • Develop a mental health care plan
  • Refer clients to psychologists and other services
  • Take a holistic (mind and body) approach to mental health care