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Meet Our Family Nurse Practitioners Team

What is a Family Nurse Practitioner?

Nurses who are eager to move on to an advanced degree and treat the full range of patient populations, from infants to the elderly, may become Family Nurse Practitioners.

A family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a registered nurse who has completed graduate-level or doctorate-level continuing education in nursing. An FNP holds either a master’s degree or a doctorate in nursing, and can provide much of the same care doctors do—they’re able to see patients, develop treatment plans, and prescribe medication.

With a focus on health promotion and health education, Family nurse practitioners fill a crucial role in the health care system and provide patient care to people of diverse ages and backgrounds. FNPs provide services for individuals and families throughout the lifespan.

Our Family Nurse Practitioners Team

Family Nurse Practitioners can work in many different specialties including primary care, pediatrics, cardiology, emergency, women’s health, oncology or geriatrics. Nurse practitioners provide services like physical exams, order laboratory tests, manage diseases, write prescriptions, etc.

At Morgan Mental Health our Family Nurse Practitioners work independently as well as able to collaborate with others providers within our mental health care team. 

Family Nurse Practitioner Services

A Family Nurse Practitioner may perform physical exams; order or perform diagnostic tests and procedures,  prescribe needed medications; develop treatment plans; diagnose and and treat acute and chronic illnesses, conditions and injuries that fall under primary care. They may also teach their patients how to develop healthy lifestyles to promote health and prevent disease. FNP’s provide the following services.

Working independently our FNP’s provide

  • Assessment and diagnosis of health conditions
  • Conducting routine physicals
  • Developing and carrying out treatment plans for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Providing primary health care with an emphasis on preventative care
  • Prescribing medications and other therapies
  • Ordering and interpreting lab and other diagnostic tests
  • Making appropriate referrals when needed

In collaboration with other Morgan Mental Health Providers our FNP’s provide medication management