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Children Are Our Future!

By connecting children with mental health support and community activities, we can make a difference. Working together we can change the lives of the children in the Treasure Valley.

What we do...

Our fund offers monetary support for children’s counseling sessions, as well as funding for community activities. Including  sponsoring children’s community sports teams, and purchasing needed equipment for children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate.

We can make a difference one child at a time.

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Our Mission

Join Morgan Health Centers in donating to children who would not otherwise have the opportunity for mental health care, community activities and positive growth experiences (i.e. extracurricular sports, education and childhood adventures). By working together we can change the lives of the children in the Treasure Valley.

Our Vision

While working in the mental healthcare field, Tami Morgan, LPC. and Danyka Morgan realized a local need for immediate access to mental healthcare and support in community activities for children.

In our experience, existing support systems that rely on government and regulated support can be confusing and time consuming. We wanted to offer direct access to those in immediate need.

Our Motivation

Children need therapy to heal from their psychological injuries that resulted from developmental trauma (complex posttraumatic stress disorder, CPTSD). Children suffering or going without, need additional love and attention from caring adults as well as belonging to an age appropriate support group that allows them to interact with their peers.

How to Contribute

Morgan Children’s Fund provides monetary support for children’s counseling sessions, as well as support for community activities.

Morgan Children’s Fund accepts certain items for immediate use to meet the needs of children located in the Treasure Valley, as well as items for prizes, raffles and giveaways. We are currently accepting contributions at Morgan Health Centers office located at 1901 North Lakes Place in Meridian, Idaho.

You may also contribute monetarily by clicking the button below.

For more information, please
Visit our website www.morganchildrensfund.com
– or –
Contact us at morganchildrenfund@gmail.com

Morgan Children's Fund

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