Morgan Mental Health is a premier mental health clinic nestled in the beautiful Treasure Valley near Boise, Idaho. In-person & Telehealth available.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling can play a major role in successful recovery. While individuals with a substance use disorder are often labelled as weak, immoral, or lazy, the root causes of addiction are likely to be genetic or related to a history of trauma. Mental health conditions also play a role in addiction, or may be triggered by it. Counselors at Morgan Mental Health don’t ask “what’s wrong with you,” but rather, “what happened to you?” Treatment plans are individualized to your needs and goals.

Getting sober take guts. Staying sober requires changes in lifestyle, relationships, routine, how you see yourself, an understanding of the root causes of your addiction, awareness of your triggers and a solid toolbox of strategies to support your new sober life. Your counselor will work with you to address issues and challenges, to understand, process and resolve trauma, to address and improve your mental health, repair relationships, and create a new story for a sober you.