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When you make an appointment with a clinician at our practice, we reserve that time especially for you. We do not overbook our appointments because we feel that our patients deserve to be seen in a timely manner. Just as you deserve your providers full attention during your appointment, we greatly appreciate knowing in advance when a patient is unable to keep their appointment.

Appointment Requests

New Patients
To request your initial appointment, you may submit our Request Appointment Form or call our office (208)890-7165

Current Patients
Visit TherapyPortal or call our office (208)890-7165 to schedule an appointment

Appointment Reservations

All appointments must be held with a valid credit card at the time of booking. A credit card hold transaction may be made on your credit card to reserve the appointment time. Your credit card information is stored will full encryption.

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Appointment Cancellations

When appointments are cancelled with less than 24-hour notice, it is almost impossible to fill that time slot with another patient. If you should need to cancel an appointment, please be aware of our requirement of at least 24-hour notice. Your account will be charged a fee equal to 100% of the reserved service amount if you miss a scheduled appointment or cancel an appointment with less than 24-hour notice. Insurance will not pay for this fee.

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Appointment Time​

Any late arrival will shorten your appointment time and will not be made up by running into the next patient’s scheduled appointment. One of our staff will call the patient and/or parent if he/she is not at our office 5 minutes before the appointment time or one of our staff will call the patient and/or parent at 5 minutes past the time of the scheduled appointment to verify the appointment status.

Appointment Duration​

Therapy session will last 50 minutes (unless SCHEDULED otherwise). If a patient is late to the appointment, the session will end at the allotted time. If you need more than scheduled appointment time call to set an additional appointment time.

Appointment Communications​

As a courtesy, your appointments are confirmed electronically the day before your scheduled appointment by email and/or text messaging from our online appointment scheduling software because we know how easy it is to forget appointments. 

Please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times in order to prevent any missed appointments which result in a cancellation fee. Not receiving an electronic notification of your appointments from us the day before is not sufficient reason to miss an appointment if the original confirmation notification was received timely. 

Emails, text messaging and phone calls are for appointment scheduling and not for therapy.

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