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Our Process

The 3 Phases of Our Therapeutic Process

People sometimes assume that their problems are relatively minor and can be solved alone, or with the help of friends & family. However, our mental health professionals are trained to help solve problems. They work on guiding the identification of mental health concerns and find reliable methods for improvement. Our providers will generally follow a 3 phased therapeutic process. Each phase contains specific treatment steps and while each person’s experience in counseling/therapy will vary, the following will give you an idea of what to expect through the process.  

Phase 1 - The Beginning Phase

The Morgan Mental Health Team schedules all of their appointments, the ideal way to begin the therapeutic process is with our online form. You may also contact us to speak with us or leave a voicemail. We will be in touch during our soonest available office hours. We will schedule an intake appointment, ask/answer questions and take care of paperwork.

Most people feel an immense relief after the first appointment. Because they experience a partial release of a buildup of emotion.

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Phase 2 - The Action Phase

During the second phase a person will explore their thoughts and feelings as the counselor/therapist helps foster awareness, facilitate insights and work on building the therapeutic relationship. Focusing on behavior change, rehearsal and decision making, the counselor/therapist will work with the person to develop new skills and strategies, while guiding goal setting, modification and evaluation of the process.

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We specialize in mental health concerns and provide individual, couple, family & group counseling with a personalized approach to therapeutic services.

Phase 3 - The Decision Phase

The last phase for a course of therapy. The person feels confident about the skills and strategies received from therapy, Together with their therapist, they have evaluated the effectiveness of therapy and decide to either continue or end therapy. A person does not have to be completely symptom-free at the end of therapy, they should, feel good about the support system set in place as well as more confident about responding to triggers and the hurdles they encounter in day-today life.

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Our multidisciplinary team of licensed mental health care professionals is specially trained to care for complex mental health disorders, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction and mental health disorders