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Therapeutic Process » Beginning Phase

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Therapeutic Process » Beginning Phase

The Morgan Mental Health Team schedules all of their appointments, so the ideal way to begin the therapeutic process is with our online form, we will be in touch with you during our soonest available office hours or alternatively, contact us and speak with us or to leave a voicemail.  Regardless of how the journey begins, we applaud your decision to seek mental health treatment and look forward to guiding your journey.

Beginning Phase Steps

organ Mental Health & Wellness » Mental Health Plans are used by mental health professionals to guide a patient towards reaching goals.

Initial Contact

People frequently procrastinate or try to ignore symptoms when it comes to seeking mental health treatment. However, procrastination often allows the problem to grow. The more symptoms are ignored they worse they may become, making it harder to address. Consider starting the counseling journey with Morgan Mental Health, our mental health professionals are eager to help with whatever challenges a person is facing or may face in the future.

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When beginning the therapeutic process, a person’s first contact will most likely be a with a member of our Administrative Team. We will ask some basic demographic questions and a few yes or no questions about the person’s symptoms (mental health screening). We will discuss the general reason the person is seeking our services and may have a couple questions to help us suggest which of our mental heath professionals, may be the best fit.

We may talk about our Patient Policies and discuss general insurance and payment information. During this initial call, we will answer questions you may have regarding scheduling an initial consultation, insurance coverage, cancellation policies, as well as answer any other questions.

Based on our initial conversation, we may be able to immediately determine that we are or are not a good fit for you. In this situation, we will either schedule a time for you to visit our office, or refer you to a provider who may be of more help to your situation.

After scheduling an intake appointment with one of our mental health providers, we will email you an invitation to join our TherapyPortal, a HIPPA compliant patient portal, that allows patients to join telehealth sessions, manage appointments, receive appointment reminders, receive documents, and complete paperwork.

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First Appointment​

During the first appointment, expect the initial experience to be similar to a doctor’s appointment. We have a sign in sheet and a waiting area until it is appointment time.

Intake Information​

Our Patient Intake Forms may be downloaded an printed to complete prior to your appointment. This  will save time in the office and the forms are much easier to fill out at home ahead of time. For a printed copy of the forms ready for pick up at our office or mailed are also an option just let us know. If you are unable to complete all intake forms before your appointment please arrive 20-30 minutes early to complete in our office. Intake forms must be completed prior to your appointment in order for your therapist to hold your session. » download Patient Forms If a person is uncomfortable answering any of the questions on paper, the questions may be answered orally during your appointment.

Visiting with a Mental Health Professional

The initial appointment can vary considerably, most last about 50 minutes. The mental health professional will review your paperwork, discuss your concerns and may perform a Behavioral Health Assessment.

Near the end of the first visit, there will likely be a review of the discussion and possibly a proposed plan for working together or a referral to specialized mental health provider or service (e.g. mental health evaluation, medication management).

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We specialize in mental health concerns and provide individual, couple, family & group counseling with a personalized approach to therapeutic services.

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During this phase a person will explore their thoughts and feelings as the counselor/therapist helps foster awareness, facilitate insights and  works on building the therapeutic relationship. Focusing on behavior change, rehearsal and decision making, the counselor/therapist will work with the person to develop new skills and strategies, while guiding goal setting, modification and evaluation of the process.
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If you have not previously sought counseling/therapy, you may have apprehensions. People sometimes assume that their problems are relatively minor and can be solved alone, or with the help of friends & family. However, our mental health professionals are trained to help solve problems, and work on guiding identification of mental health concerns and find reliable methods for improvement.

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