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Morgan Mental Health Care

Primary, Mental & Integrative Health Care for the Treasure Valley & Surrounding Areas

Mental Health & Wellness

Who We Serve

Morgan Mental Health (MMH) is proud to be your local source for mental health and wellness services in Meridian near Boise, Idaho and Treasure Valley area. Our experienced team specializes in a wide variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, addiction, bipolar, ADHD, autism, mood disorders, and the daily stress of life. We are focused on helping children, teens, families, and adults grow and acquire new life skills.

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How We Serve

We identify mental health issues, collaborate with our patients to create individual treatment plans, and provide counseling, therapy, medication management and complementary and alternative medicines. Our services include mental health screenings, assessments and evaluation services; treatment plans, counseling services, and psychotherapy.

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Morgan Mental Health & Wellness » Working with one of our mental health professionals gives a person an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and patterns of behavior. Learn new coping skills and techniques to better manage daily stressors and symptoms associated with your mental health concerns.

What We Treat

Mental health problems range from the worries we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions. Some examples of mental health crises include anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, alcohol or substance abuse, self-injury and suicidal thoughts. Mental health concerns or crises are experienced by people of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic conditions, and may or may not be related to a specific mental disorder or illness.

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Morgan Mental Health & Wellness Psychotherapy, also referred to as talk therapy, psycho-social therapy, counseling, or, simply, therapy, is the primary method for treating mental health problems by talking with a mental health provider.