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What is a Clinical Social Worker?

Licensed clinical social workers are trained to evaluate a person’s mental health and use therapeutic techniques based on specific training programs. They are also trained in case management and advocacy services.

The goal of the licensed clinical social worker is to empower the client to be able to see their own inner strengths and build upon them so that they can overcome the challenges they are facing in their lives. Licensed clinical social workers assess, treat and evaluate an individual’s, interpersonal and societal problems through the use of social work knowledge, skills and strategies. Licensed clinical social workers often work in multi-disciplinary teams alongside health and education professionals. 

Licensed Clinical Social Workers Services

Licensed clinical social workers may do the following:

  • Assess the patient’s emotional, social, economic, and mental health needs
  • Educate the patient and family members about the illness and help them understand the patient’s treatment plan
  • Evaluate the patient’s socioeconomic status and look for community resources that would be useful for them
  • Facilitate individual, group, and family therapy sessions
  • Help improve communication between the patient, family members, and healthcare team
  • Create a plan to integrate patients back into the community

Our Clinical Social Workers Team

Licensed Clinical Social Workers are mental health professionals trained to help patients find solutions to many life and social issues that come with mental illness. A patient’s relationships, career, and quality of life are significantly affected due to the illness; and this can be a very difficult situation to navigate. Social workers help patients cope with these aspects of their lives.

Clinical social work focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness, emotional, and other behavioral disturbances. Individual, group and family therapy are common treatment modalities. Overall, they play an important role in helping patients have a smooth transition back to family and community.

Shelly Rich, LCSW. » Licensed Clinical Social Worker Morgan Mental Health Counselor / Therapist

Shelly Rich

Jennifer Hancock, LMSW. » Licensed Master of Social Work Morgan Primary, Mental & Integrative Health

Jennifer Hancock


Andrew Geske


Chelsea LaFee


Stephanie Meeks


ReNae Butler

Franz Andersen, MS., LMSW » Licensed Master of Social Work, Morgan Mental Health Counselor / Therapist

Franz Andersen

Tacy McCoy, LCSW. » Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Morgan Primary, Mental & Integrative Health

Tacy McCoy