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Children’s Counseling & Therapy Services

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Children’s Counseling & Therapy Services

All children have emotional ups and downs, moodiness, trouble with friends, changes in grades. Some moodiness, anxiety, social and school difficulties are to be expected. But when emotional meltdowns, anger or isolation become common or severe, many parents are not sure what to do. If these challenges arise in your child’s life, we can help.

It is important to remember that you know your child best. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your instincts. Don’t be afraid to talk about getting help with your child. You may be surprised by how willing they are to get extra help. Just like adults, children go through difficult times where they need help, guidance or someone to just listen. Your child may be experiencing school stress, bullying, friend drama, grief or many other situations, sometimes they are embarrassed or scared to tell mom or dad what is wrong.  

There is help for children of all ages and no parent should feel alone when it comes to your child’s mental health. Whether it is just a bit of help with day to day challenges or something a bit more serious, seeking help can make life easier and happier for you all.  Here are some signs that your child may benefit from talking with a therapist:

  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Engages in destructive, regressive or negative behaviors
  • Extreme feelings of sadness, helplessness or worry
  • Social Isolation from family, friends & activities
  • Problems in multiple areas such as family, school, fun & friends
  • Self-confidence
  • Increased physical complaints
  • Talks about engaging in self-harm or suicide

Children are our Future

When working with children, our goal is to help them grow emotionally and psychologically mature. The following life changes could be situations when a therapist could help your child. Many adults go to therapy during these same situations, so it makes sense that a child could be sad, confused, frustrated or not know the proper coping skills and simply need someone to talk to who is not their parent:

  • Serious, acute, or chronic illness
  • Divorce
  • New sibling
  • Moving or changing schools
  • Death of a family member or a close friend
  • Sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or other traumatic events